War for The Planet of The Apes

The third and final in the 'Planet of The Apes’ reboot; ‘War for The Planet of The Apes’ gives us closure on the trilogy. But was the film as good as it could have been?


The title of the film starts with the word War. Which would lead you to imagine an endless bloody battle, such as we’ve become accustom to in the films of recent years’. However you hard-core action fans out there may be a little let down. I will admit that there are some pretty beefy fight scenes with plenty of explosions, deaths and imaginative camera angles. The opening scene being one, in which a squad of Col McCullough’s (Woody Harrelson) men attack an Ape Fort, they have word’s such as ‘Monkey Killer’ on their helmets and are accompanied by Apes who out of fear have joined the humans and are referred to as Donkeys, a name spray painted on their backs. The sequence is a pretty good fight scene, with an ending which will give you goose bumps. The actions of Caesar in the scene set the true feel of the film, which are based in the struggle, emotions’ and the resilience of both sides.


Matt Reeves has tried to show Caesar and the Apes as being ultimately humane, with plenty of tears shed by them over the death of friends and the pain that comes with slavery and fear, but also great moments of rebellion and fearlessness in the face of adversity; a whole spectrum of emotion. To add to this, the virus which whipped out large portions of the human population in ‘Dawn of The Planet of the Apes’ has come back in a form that the Colonel believes turns humans into dumb beasts, but if you watch the film and pick up on the small details you might realise that the disease if actually levelling humans and the Apes in terms of capacity. A girl that Cesar’s small group picks up on the way to kill the Colonel has this disease and cannot talk like some of the Apes, however she begins to learn their sign language, something Cesar had to do when they began to increase in intelligence in ‘Rise of The Planet of the Apes’.



The graphics continued to amaze me, with the Apes looking almost real, as if you were to see them in the wild, every single hair and facial expression is almost perfect. I would say however that I am not sure if I liked it in 3D. Although seeing a film in 3D adds a lot of texture and some special effects making it really jump off the screen, I feel that 3D films are never as crisp or detailed as 2D films, the image doesn't have that slight blur to it, which I find present with 3D films. Also when you watch a 3D film, because of either the black glasses or maybe the camera they are shot with, they are never as bright or colourful, everything seems to be duller.


I would definitely recommend seeing the film on the Biggest screen possible where you live. Be that IMAX or ISENSE. Also one with the latest Dolby Atmos sound system. The soundtrack for the film is truly breath-taking and adds a large part of the emotion and grandeur to the battle scenes in addition to the more emotional ones. Michael Giacchino has truly done an amazing job.


I think in everybody's house there's a draw, shelf or cupboard that is filled with DVDs, even though most people nowadays will watch films on a streaming service or dodgy website, but you still keep those DVD's even if you haven't watched them in months or years because there films you always want to be able to watch at the drop of a hat, that mean something more. 'War for The Planet of The Apes' may not please everyone, but it will still be getting a place on my shelf.

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