The Perfect Pair of Boots


Fashion trends seem to change everyday. In the sea of clothing that comes and goes there are some items that are firmly anchored in our wardrobes or on our shoe racks. among these items usually sits a trusty pair of boots. Boots are like a good Father, strong, supportive and will be by your side rain or shine, and there’s only one place you can find boots of such a quality is in the town of cobblers, Northampton. The majority of shoes bought nowadays in the UK are made on fast soulless production lines of some rundown factory by poorly treated Indonesians or Vietnamese. On the other hand in Northampton they makes shoes quite differently, skilled artisans put real work into crafting a pair of shoes that will stand the test of time and show why British craftsmen are the best. For boots the people who will always appear first on our list are Crockett and Jones .Crockett and Jones made their first pair of shoes in 1879, 85 years before the likes of Nike and Adidas could saturate the market with unsightly trainers.




The majority of footwear made today are designed to be worn until they quickly wear out and then immediately thrown away, but Crockett and Jones make their boots with a high quality and superior Goodyear welt. A Goodyear welt is a strip of leather that runs around the edge of the upper and holds the components together, it is often cited as a hallmark of high quality when it comes to shoes. The overall construction ,which takes a staggering eight weeks, ensures they are stylish, durable and exceedingly comfortable, as well as being fully and easily repairable. This means that after years of service and wear you can get a new sole for your shoes and wear them for years again and on for a lifetime.



Obviously choosing a pair of boots that your going to be wearing for years to come may seem like a hard choice but Crockett & Jones have recently released a new addition to their Conniston range, that for us is the perfect balance between style and tradition. The boot is formed around  the last 325 and are made from a roughed out suede and  finished with a Dainite rubber sole. The rough out suede gives the boot a perfect worn look, making it ideal for smart casual outfits or something smarter looking. I worn mine straight out the box for 9 hours of walking round London and didn’t have a single problem with them. Don’t look at the price tag, just get a pair and don’t look back.

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