The only New Year's resolution you need

It’s that time of year again, when Christmas has ended, and with larger stomachs and figures, we sit down and decide upon our New Years resolutions, yes, those terrible things. Now in my experience, much like rules, New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Sure you may stick to a few for a while, like getting stressed out less or watching less TV but lets not kid ourselves, how long is it before the gym membership lies lonely and unused, tucked away in our wallets. Or the running shoes become nothing more then a pair of comfy shoes and an expensive prop in the great act of pretending to be sporty. In reality you weight 500 lbs, nobody’s buying it.::


Now I am no expert, however I have a theory as to why this happens and it’s rather simple. New Years resolutions are generally things that A. We don’t want to do. Or B. Things that we like to do or we know are really bad for us, drinking until you pass out on the sofa with a wet crotch for example. There’s only one thing that will make you actually do something, and that’s being ashamed of yourselves. There may be those out there for whom even this is not enough, but for the most of us being ashamed of yourself is enough to motivate you, and so my big piece of New Years advice is simple. Just do things that make you proud of yourself. Read some articles, read a new book everyday or start eating kale with every meal, just do things that make you happy for that reason alone. In that they make you feel happy and proud to be yourself, if that means drinking more or watching more TV then do it.::


My advice doesn’t just give you the right to be a lazy shit, and for most of us, although we might deny it, what others think of us does matter, we want other people to like us and be proud of us too.  So just make sure whatever you do, your doing it for the right reasons. So don’t go searching the internet for resolutions everyone else has made, think of some for yourself or just one, That will make it 1. Ia whole lot easier and 2. You’ll actually feel good doing them. I’m starting with understanding women,::


Shouldn’t be too difficult .



End of Man

Beginning of Gentlemen