The Best films of 2017

2017 is over, however it went out in style with an ‘atomic’ bang and left us on the edge of our seats, so ‘be our guests’ and review this years best films.


You may read this list and think that there are some pretty big films missing. I agree that there were lots of films released this year which are entertaining to watch, such as the latest DC new release, The Justice League or Thor Ragnarok, but although entertaining to watch with massive explosions and plenty of CGI, I find them boring. The story lines for all those types of films feel as though two children have written them whilst playing with their friends. “I shot you”, “no you didn’t I had a shield”, “yeah but my bullets go through anything”, “yeah but I teleported out the way of the bullet”, need I go on? So the list that follows is made up of films that had an actual story with some meaning or which were just so fun they had to be on here.




Kingsman the golden circle - We here love this film because we see in it many of the same goals and values we have, the perfect mix of old school and modern style, slang and impeccable table manners, its fun and Elton John is brilliant. Just remember, “manners maketh man”.




Beauty and the Beast - Another modern, live animated adaption of a Disney classic, this year's Beauty and the Beast was every bit the fairytale as the original story.



Atomic Blonde - There’s been a lack of spy films this year, but Atomic blonde makes up for that sad fact. The soundtrack is perfect and need I say more than it has a saucy lesbian scene.



War for the Planets of the Apes - CGI at its best, if you want to know more, read our full review.



A dogs purpose - Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what their thinking? Well watch A dogs purpose and you always will be. A feel good film at its best, its got the perfect balance of happiness and sadness, if you don’t have a dog yet, you soon will after watching this.



Call me by your name - For many this year's number one, and I can see why, it’s an effortless coming of age film, paired with a romance that’s on a slow boil from almost the first scene. it’s easy to watch and even easier to love. Just don’t be eating a peach while you're watching it.



Baby driver - Generally for me the score or soundtrack of a film can make it or break it, normally it adds to the acting, but Baby driver is all about the music, with almost every scene set to the beat of banger. Make sure you watch it with the speakers turned up loud.


Stronger - Another showcase of talent coming from Jake Gyllenhaal, showing us the hidden struggles faced day to day by those we may see as heroes, and the strength in humanity to overcome anything.


Split - James Mcavoy never needed to prove to us his acting ability, but if you were in any doubt of it you definitely wont be after watching Split. Not only a good horror film but also a showcase of talent, proving that you don’t need massive sets or battles to grip an audience.


American Made - I've always said that films based on true events will always be brilliant, the reason being theres just some things you couldn't make up, this film shows that perfectly.


Dunkirk - Any film that features a spitfire or makes you feel patriotic will always be highly regarded on this website, but what really makes Dunkirk brilliant is the realism added by Anthony Nolan in his use of age appropriate actors and avoidance of CGI, everything you see in the film they actually did, and you can feel it, they also used Nimrod in the score, what more can you want.


Blade runner 2049 - The original blade runner was made 35 years ago and became an instant classic, so I was sceptical whether this years film would live up to the original, and unsurprisingly it does. The score is perfect and instantly links it to the original. The cinematography and CGI were perfect, a well deserved number 1 spot and so worth almost 3 hours of your time.

Honorable mentions:

Beach rats - The harsh reality of drugs and coming to terms with who you are.

Lady Bird - The perfect coming of age comedy.

Patriots Day - A based on true stories action film that will make you cry at the end.

Logan Lucky - Daniel Craig in the redneck version of Oceans 11.

End of Man

Beginning of Gentlemen