Start the year off properly with Huel

Christmas is always the time of year when an extra kilo or two seem to be generously added to the midriff, where fruit and veg are replaced by chocolate and cheese. The best way to get rid of this unwanted Christmas present is Huel. I don’t know about you but when it comes to food I really can’t be arsed, for breakfast its toast and marmalade, Pret for lunch, and for dinner I have whatever’s on offer. Unfortunately easy does not equal healthy, these options generally lack fruit and anything that contains actual nutrition, but then somebody told me about a powdered meal, I was intrigued. Usually when I hear about anything to do with powdered products I instantly think of bodybuilders pinching their noses and gulping down some sickly sweet protein shake, but Huel thankfully isn’t anything like them.


Huel, rather than being a supplement is a complete meal replacement. It was developed to provide you with 100% of your daily recommended intake for every vitamin and nutrient, mainly made from oats, pea protein, brown rice and flaxseed. I personally found Huel really helpful ,in that its very quick to prepare and tastes awesome! Instead of my normal sweet carb-loaded breakfast, Huel actually gives my body the balanced portion of everything it needs.


Now as I just said, I mainly just have it for breakfast, but you really could have it for any other meals. The main packs come in vanilla or unsweetened and then you can buy small packets of different flavours, that way you can shake up a different flavour for every meal, rather than being stuck on the same old flavour for weeks. There’s nine flavours to choose from but my favourites are pineapple and coconut, which adds a nice tropical feeling to the usually quite dreary British morning, or the rhubarb and custard flavour  tastes exactly like the sweets, it even adds the same pinkish colour. Huel works out at £1.60 per 500 calories. so it definitely doesn’t empty your bank account, and is far healthier than any of the other garbage out there for the same (or even higher) price.


If your looking for a companion to your New Years fitness resolution. Or just something to ,like me, replace your unhealthy food choices. Huel is the solution.



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