Pirelli Calendar 2017

 The Pirelli calendar was first released in 1963, having had 43 editions since. This year’s will be the 44th. Each one provides a glimpse into the social perceptions of beauty at the time of publication. The 2017 calendar which features Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Dame Helen Mirren, Uma Thurman, Robin Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Alicia Vikander, Julianne Moore, Rooney Mara, Jessica Chastain, Charlotte Rampling, Zhang Ziyi, Lea Seydoux and Anastasia Ignatova (professor of political theory at Moscow university), is in our opinion a legendary piece of not only art, but a study of beauty in modern history.

Since the 1960s we have seen outstanding change in the perception of beauty, we have also seen an equal (if not greater) change in societal expectations of women. When asked to explain his aesthetic influence and concepts of beauty that drove his creativity for this year’s calendar, Peter Lindberg replied saying.


 "he wanted to use the 2017 Calendar to make a statement for a different kind of beauty. The current system promotes only one kind of beauty that is very connected to youth and perfection because it is a system based on consumption, whose idea of beauty doesn’t have anything to do with reality and with women. I think we need to take a step back and realise that this idea of beauty does not help women and on the contrary makes them unhappy."


The kind of beauty that Lindberg is referring to is the everyday kind. Woman who have spent hours being painted and reconfigured just to meet what is considered desirable, every inch of fat erased, wrinkles stretched and skin perfectly toned and smooth. An image most models can’t even live up to.




We are living in an era that’s seen a rise in the number, especially teens, being diagnosed with eating disorders largely derivative of poor body image. A recent study by B-eat finds that 1 out of 6 GCSE age students avoided going to school due to concerns about how they look, and each year 4500 teenage girls are develop eating disorders, many believe that this rise is all due to easy access on social media and the common place usage of unattainable body standards in media and other areas of life; one which is seen necessary to look attractive and to fit in. An image Pirelli in the past has also sponsored. This year’s calendar is different: a raw, un-retouched look at not just the bodies of some of our greatest actresses but a look into their soul, we are so used to seeing them play a role, but now we are seeing them with their barrier's down, no editing, just themselves laid bare for all to see.


"Not to shoot perfect bodies but to capture sensitivity and emotion. Laying bare the souls of the women in the images, rendering them more naked that a nude.”


This goal of Peter Lindberg is one that we think everyone should aim for, fake or ideal bodies can never make up for a fake soul.

End of Man

Beginning of Gentlemen