Pink Gin with a twist

What we'll be drinking this Christmas

What spirit is more quintessentially British than Gin?

It was rumored that Vladimir the Great of Russia chose Christianity over Islam due to Islam’s prohibition on alcohol. Booze certainly has a far reaching effect on us and our decisions, in some cases deciding the entire history of a nation. We here in Blighty also like to dabble in a bit of drunkenness, given that we consume on average 874 ml per week per person (in Yorkshire at least). Granted, we perform very badly in the tables, not even pulling into the top twenty most consuming nations (per capita), we do however lead the world in the dying art of the binge! Despite my last claim however we Brits do drink up in style. It’s no mistake that the most infamous line from our best known fictional spy is “shaken, not stirred”. We add a sort of glamour to processions. So what is it we’re actually drinking? Well there’s no doubt the Scots know their whiskey, we are perhaps better known for our Gin. It therefore falls upon the patriot to master the ‘Mother’s ruin’ and we’ll show you how to do it, fitting for this Christmas season.


Pink Gin was first made by the Royal Navy in 1824 and become popular in finer establishments during the mid-19th century. Below is are guide to revamping this classic drink for the festive season.




What you'll need:


1 measure of Plymouth Gin or any other good wet Gin, Tanqueray No. Ten being a personal favorite


2-4 Drops of Angostura  bitters




Blood orange quarter


Tonic or Soda water (Optional)



1. Add the Angostura bitters to a glass of your choice, we recommend a highball tumbler


2. Fill the glass with ice, and swirl the bitters, coating the ice


3. You can now either leave the bitters in for a stronger taste, or pour it off, I prefer to leave it in


4. Add your gin


5. Finally add your blood orange quarter instead of lemon peel for a citrus kick and a blood red and orange colour just like a winters sky, because what man wants to drink something thats pink?


6. You can now enjoy your Shepard's Delight in its full strength or for a long drink top up with tonic or club soda

End of Man

Beginning of Gentlemen