Milford Sound

Its really worth a 9 hour journey?

Milford Sound: originally named 'Milford Haven' in 1812 by Captain John Grono after his hometown in Wales, and was later renamed by another Welsh Naval Officer John Lort Stokes after he wrongly identified it as a sound. Which is by definition, a sea or ocean inlet that is larger than a bay and wider than a Fjord. A Fjord, by contrast, is a narrow waterway between mountains formed by glacial melting. The sound is one of the most visited tourist attraction in New Zealand. Thousands of tourists a day take the nine hour round-trip from Queenstown along state highway 94 (the only road leading in and out) to get on one of the various tour boats, to enjoy the spectacular scenery that is Milford Sound (which is actually a Fjord) has to offer. As you can see from the pictures, Milford Sound is definitely awe inspiring, the journey to get there is pretty awesome in itself with ancient forests, golden plains and towering mountains leading you to your destination.


However as with many of the major attraction in New Zealand, its beauty and tranquility is somewhat ruined by the sheer amount of people, tour buses and boats that visit the site. Its hard to admire the sheer grandeur of a place when your getting smacked in the face by a selfie stick. For me Milford Sound was definitely a nice place to visit, although in my opinion there are far greater and more breath taking views to take in. Still, one more off the New Zealand bucket list.



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