February grooming essentials


February is the month when the decorations and excitement of Christmas have long gone, everyone has been back at school or work for a month, but the cold weather is still here.  With cold weather comes dry skin and chapped lips, so below is our must have items to keep close by during February.

Bulldog moisturiser:




Dogs are a  mans best friend, and so is Bulldog, an everyday moisturizer to keep your face as strong as it can be. All natural and made in the UK like most of the things on this list.

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Burts bees lip balm:



Vaseline is most peoples go to lip balm but Burts is the bees knees, it’s consistency isn’t as soft and seems to last longer, it also doesn’t leave your lips as shiny, a good thing unless you want to look like your wearing lip gloss.

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Kiel’s hand cream:



For the working man dry hands are a reality, I dislike most hand creams as they leave me feeling sticky, Kiel’s offering however absorbs quickly and leaves my hands feeling tough, so does its job.


Nivea after shave balm:


Unless your a yeti, you’ll be shaving every month at least once, so to stop your face looking red and angry after getting rid of your beard you’ll want to use Nivea’s balm, it absorbs quickly and has a nostalgic scent, probably because until this year I’ve always borrowed my dads bottle of the stuff.

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