Decrease stress on your morning commute

The average Briton spends roughly 54 minutes a day commuting, 50% of which is by car. Now, commutes generally involve traffic coming to a halt and occasionally having to shout ‘wanker’ in a blind rage at someone in an M3 who’s decided the rules of the road don’t apply to them for some unknown reason, it’s not the most relaxing experience in the World. even if you had left home after having been served breakfast in bed by a supermodel, by the end of the commute you’ll be ready to take someone’s head off. I do believe however we have the solution, Singing.


You may deny it but we know that when you’ve been home alone at some point you’ve either danced around in your pants like Tom Cruise, or belted out a Beyoncé banger, probably better then her, and afterwards I would Wager you felt great. When you sing you stimulate the Vagus Nerve that runs down the back of your Sinus Cavity and Throat which allows the body to relax. This naturally relieves the tension caused by stress. Singing also releases endorphins, which is what we all want! These improve your mood and help to counteract the effects of the ‘feel-bad’ stress chemicals, you know the ones… caused by the woman in front who hasn’t moved at the traffic lights because she’s otherwise engaged.



Next time you’re in the car alone, turn up the radio and sing, who gives a crap if you sound like a dying cat, or the crazy person from ‘The X Factor’, its not about sounding good, I guarantee you’ll arrive at work on cloud nine. You may not want to look silly but you have to ask yourself do you really care if no one’s looking? and if so do you want to deal with the harsh consequences of stress? 45% of men over the age of 40 say they are constantly feeling stressed, I can only presume the remaining 55% are in some sort of choir. Get singing Boys!

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